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3TB Hard Drive Data Recovery – Recover Files since 3TB HDD Is Not Recognized by PC

3TB Hard Drive Problems
1. My 3TB Seagate hard disk drive has been working fine on my old Win7 computer. But it only shows 746GB when I connect the hard disk drive to a new computer which is running a Win XP operating system. Can anybody tell me how does this happen? I also found that I have lost some important files since almost 2TB partition has been disappeared. How can I get back the lost 2TB partition with its data back?

2. I got a 3TB Hitachi hard drive on my computer, but it is unable to be recognized on My Computer. I can only see it under Disk Management but the drive is only shown as 746GB there. I know I should format the hard drive into GPT format but the drive is still displayed as 746GB. What should I do? Is there any clue for this problem?

The causes of the 3TB Hard Drive problem are probably:
* What operating system your computer is running? (Win XP, Win7, or Vista?)
* What is format of your hard disk drive partition? (MBR or GPT?)
* Is the motherboard UEFI BIOS? (Yes or No?)
Generally speaking, MBR partition table doesn’t support 3TB hard disk while only GPT supports 3TB hard disk. Besides, Win XP only support MBR partition table; while Win7 and Vista supports both MBR and GPT.

Solutions for 3TB Hard Drive Data Recovery
First Hard Drive Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Free Download Second Hard Drive Recovery Software

If what mentioned above are not the reasons for your 3TB hard drive problems and you want to restore the data from the hard drive, you can use 3TB hard drive recovery utilities to perform the data recovery. It enables you to recover any file from lost partition or not recognized partition. If you are interested in the 3TB hard drive data recovery, you can free download it from 3TB hard drive recovery. You don’t have to doubt that this software is not only free to download but also you can restore all lost files free.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.


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