Monday, September 16, 2013

Kodak Memory Card Requires Formatting/Retrieve Data from Kodak Camera Memory Card

"Memory Card Requires Formatting" Error in Kodak Camera
Have your memory card in Kodak camera show "memory card requires formatting" error when you turn on the camera? Photos inside the memory card are inaccessible? Can you reformat memory card?
"Memory card requires formatting" error or "memory card not formatted error" can happen to any user as long as he has a memory card. However, this kind of error may have different symptoms for different users in various situations. Below are some common situations that most users often meet.

1. Kodak Camera Says Memory Card Requires Formatting and the Error Message Repeats
Simply say, when you insert memory card into the Kodak camera, it says memory card needs to be formatted. But when you perform the format, the error message always repeats and you are unable to format the memory card. For example,

I haven’t used my Kodak EasyShare C315 camera for a few months. This morning, when I turned on my camera, it says memory card requires formatting. Although I don’t know what is wrong, I clicked "Yes" to format the card. However, it says it will take several hours to format the card. I waited for a while; it repeatedly says memory card requires formatting. I need to user the camera, but it always says the repeated error message.

2. Memory Card Needs to Be Formatted When It Contains Important Data
In most cases, formatting can resolve the memory card requires formatting error, but most users cannot format the card since it contains important data. For example,

I bought a new 4GB micro SD card in my Kodak digital camera to record the sister’s wedding by capturing pictures. However, when I switch on my camera just now, it says micro SD card needs to be formatted. I tried other method to get those photos off the card, but it didn’t work. Then I clicked Continue, and it says formatting will delete everything on the memory card. I clicked Cancel because I cannot afford to lose those precious pictures.

How to Rescue Files from Kodak Memory Card?
First Memory Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
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Whether the memory card can be formatted or cannot, you should not format the card if you want to rescue files from the card. Memory card recovery software is available for lost data recovery from all types of memory card. You can easily install the software to your computer and run it to scan the memory card and recover not only pictures, but also other files like videos, music, movies, emails, etc. The memory card recovery software is available data recovery from unformatted CF card, XD card, SD card, etc.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

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