Monday, September 2, 2013

Olympus XD Card Picture Recovery: Free Recover Lost Pictures from an XD Card in Olympus Camera

Digital Camera Photo Loss

Along with the popularity of digital camera, more and more people would like to use digital camera to take pictures. Digital camera has almost taken the place of traditional film camera, since it is easy-to-use, convenient and high-quality. Especially photos captured by digital camera can be stored to a tiny memory card, so users can view, print and transfer the photos on a computer at any time they like. However, digital camera users often meet such a problem: data loss from digital camera due to various causes.

Losing Pictures from XD Card in Olympus Camera
As one of the most popular brands of digital camera, the users of Olympus digital camera also encounter with the similar problem constantly. Usually, all Olympus cameras are often compatible with an XD card. Only few Olympus cameras can be compatible with other types of memory cards like SD card, micro SD card, etc. Anyway, for any digital camera user, they often need to edit and modify the photos on their camera or computer. So it is quite common for an Olympus digital camera user to mistakenly cut or delete a picture when editing the picture. Sometimes, you may also wrongly format the XD card in Olympus camera. Then all photos on the card will be erased immediately. All time you spend on those photos are in vain. Apart from mistaken deletion and formatting, pictures can also be lost from an XD card in Olympus camera due to XD card error such as XD card not formatted, XD card inaccessible, etc.

Free Recover Lost Pictures
If the XD card is neither overwritten nor damaged, you can free recover lost pictures by XD card recovery software. This software is completely free for all types of picture recovery due to deleting, formatting, and XD card errors. The option of XD card recovery is a little different according to the different causes for data loss, but the process of data recovery is approximately same. Namely, the XD card recovery software will help you restore the lost photos through scanning, locating and restoring.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Tips for the sake of Olympus XD Card Picture Recovery
When losing pictures from an Olympus XD card, you cannot do anything on the card. You should keep following tips in mind for the success of XD card photo recovery.
Firstly, you are not allowed to rewrite the XD card. It means you cannot take more pictures on the card. If you really need to use the camera to snap pictures, you had better change another card to save the pictures.
Secondly, protect the XD card from any unexpected damage. For example, avoid the card falling into water. If XD card is damaged, all lost picture will no longer be recovered with any method.

How Much Do You Know about Olympus Digital Camera?
Olympus Corporation was founded in 1919 in Japan. In 1948, Olympus released the Japanese first 35mm camera with shutter, which is Olympus 35. Olympus digital cameras include 5 series, which are μ series, FE series, μ TOUGH series, SP series and E series.

1. μ series are regarded as family digital cameras which include Olympus μ 7000, Olympus μ 7020, Olympus μ7010, Olympus μ90000, Olympus μ 5000, Olympus μ 10560 and more.
2. FE series are regarded as fashionable and convenient digital cameras which include Olympus FE 4010, Olympus FE 5010, Olympus FE 5020, Olympus FE 3010, Olympus FE45, Olympus FE 370 and Olympus FE – 3000, etc.
3. μ TOUGH series are regarded as waterproof digital camera which include Olympus μ TOUGH 8000, Olympus μ TOUGH 6010 and Olympus μ TOUGH 6000 and more.
4. SP series are regarded as megapixel bridge digital cameras which include Olympus SP – 590UZ, Olympus SP – 565UZ, etc.
5. E series are regarded as digital single lens reflex cameras which include Olympus EP1, Olympus E520, Olympus E620, Olympus E30, Olympus E420, Olympus E450, Olympus E510 and Olympus E3, etc.


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