Friday, April 4, 2014

Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin Windows 7

Yesterday, I deleted some videos and pictures from hard disk, and then deleted them from Recycle Bin. If it is possible, I want to restore the deleted videos from the Recycle Bin. My computer is a Toshiba laptop and it runs a Windows 7 operating system. The hard disk is Western digital hard disk. If any more information is need, please tell me. I wish someone could give me a help.

Windows 7 File Recovery after Deleting from Recycle Bin

Almost every computer user has deleted some items from hard disk that they want to restore later, but Windows OS doesn’t provide anything else except a Recycle Bin, which gives you one more chance to restore mistakenlydeleted files. If you lose the only chance to restore files from the Recycle Bin, a third-party data recovery tool provides you one more chance to undelete the deleted files. Windows7 data recovery software is such a data recovery tool, which is compatible with all Windows operating system for deleted file recovery from SD card, XD card, CF card, USB flash drive and portable hard disk and more.

What You Should Know
  1.  Files deleted by pressing Shift + Delete keys won’t be moved to Recycle Bin, so you should think it over when you want to shift delete a file.
  2.  Although files have been deleted from Recycle Bin, it doesn’t mean that you lose those files forever. When files get deleted from a Recycle Bin, it only means that you are unable to restore the files with Windows built-in function.
  3.  Data recovery software is only helpful with data recovery before the lost files have been overwritten by new data. In another word, if the lost files have been overwritten, you may lose the chance to recover them even if you rely on a third-party data recovery tool.
  4. You had better not repartition the hard disk after data loss. In addition, you should protect the hard disk from being physically damaged.
Why Can You Recover Files after Emptying Recycle Bin?
When you delete files from hard disk partition, they will be moved to Recycle Bin and they still occupy the disk space. When you continue to delete the files by emptying the Recycle Bin, Windows system will mark the space where stored deleted files as empty. In another word, you cannot save any data to the space where stored the deleted files before you permanently delete those files from Recycle Bin. However, even if you delete the files from Recycle Bin, they are not really be erased completely. The true data is still on the disk space but you cannot view it because the file entry has been deleted. Therefore, you can always recover the deleted files before you write new data to overwritten the deleted files.

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