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Undelete Files from Windows 7 Free

When you delete a file, the file can be permanently deleted or just temporarily removed. For instance, when you delete a file from your digital camera’s memory card or mobile phone inner memory, the file might be permanently deleted. When you delete afile from a hard disk on Windows computer, the file will only be temporarily deleted because Windows just moves it to the Recycle Bin. However, when you delete a file from a hard disk by pressing Shift + Delete keys or you delete the deleted file from the Recycle Bin, it will also be permanently deleted. Then, you may have such a doubt: is it possible to recover deleted files and how? Therefore, we will introduce the deleted file recovery when got deleted in different situations.
Taking Windows 7 operating system as an example, a third-party data recovery program is always needed in order to restore deleted data.


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1. Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin on Windows 7
Case: I deleted everything stored in the Recycle Bin to free disk space, but I realized that I mistakenly deleted some important files after emptying the Recycle Bin. So my question is if it is possible to restore deleted items from Recycle Bin.
Solution: Everybody knows the way to restore files from a Recycle Bin after deleting, but it might be difficult for somebody when files have been deleted from Recycle Bin. In such case, you will need to use a data recovery tool to undelete deleted files from Recycle Bin. Windows7 recovery software is able to restore any lost data when it has been permanently deleted from Recycle Bin.

2. Permanently Delete Files with Shift + Delete Keys
Case: I delete some files by pressing Shift + Delete keys because I don’t think that I still need those files, but God plays a trick on me because I mistakenly delete some important pictures. I am wondering if shift deleted files will really be permanently deleted? Is there a way to undelete shift deleted files? The OS of my computer is Windows 7 operating system.

Solution: When deleting files by pressing Shift + Delete keys, system will ask you if you really want to permanently delete the selected files. Therefore, many users will believe the files have been permanently deleted. In fact, those so-called permanently deleted files are recoverable with a third-party data recovery tool such as Windows 7 recovery software.

3. More Situations That You May Undelete Files on Windows 7
Case1: I connected an external hard disk to Windows 7 to transfer some data, but I wrongly delete several folders from the external hard drive. Can I undelete the files?

Case2: I click the "Delete" option when I was trying to transferring some pictures from my Nikon memory card to my Windows 7 laptop. Some important pictures have been deleted without a backup. How do I restore the pictures which have not been moved to Recycle Bin after deleting?

Just like these two cases mentioned above, Windows doesn’t provide one more chance to restore deleted files from Recycle Bin when they got deleted from an external device. Then, Windows 7 recovery software is quite helpful to undelete those files from its original location with original quality and fast speed. You can also use the software to recover files deleted from SD card or other devices.

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