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Recover Data from a 32GB USB Flash Drive Which Is in RAW File System

USB flash drive can be in various brands and types. A 32GB USB flash drive can store a lot of data, so it will be a terrible disaster if a 32GB flash drive changes its file system to RAW. A RAW drive often means an unformatted drive, so Windows may ask you to format the USB drive when it shows RAW. If you don’t want to lose any data from the USB flash drive, you need a powerful and reliable USB drive recovery program before you format it.

Recover Data from RAW USB Flash Drive
Many people know that recovery tool is required in order to recover data from a RAW drive, but little of them know a reliable and secure data recovery program for USB flash drive data recovery and only a few of them knows how to perform data recovery from a RAW USB drive. In this article, we will recommend you the best and most useful USB flash drive recovery software, with which you are able to restore all kinds of data when you cannot access the USB drive due to RAW error.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/USB

recover photos video files off memory card, USB flash when RAW

How to use: memory card recovery tutorials


iCare Data Recovery Standard - powerful hard disk rescue utility

How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide


Stellar Windows Data Recovery - Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps

With any of data recovery software above, you can not only recover files from RAW USB flash drive, but also you can recover files when micro SD card has RAW file system, CF card shows RAW drive error or when SD card is not accessible.

Full Scan 32GB USB Drive for All Lost Files
With the USB flash drive recovery software, it can full scan every sector on your 32GB USB and search for almost all lost files such as pictures, videos, music, emails, documents and more. The software can quickly scan the USB flash in a short time. After scanning, the software can show all found files in different folder, so you can preview them to evaluate the quality of the found files. If you are not satisfied with the scanning result, you can go back to perform scan again. It supports all brands of USB drive including Kingston, Sony, Samsung, SanDisk, etc.

Format RAW to FAT32 USB Flash Drive
When files are recovered from the USB, you can format the drive from RAW to FAT32. When you connect your USB drive to PC, you can directly format it in "My Computer" if it can be recognized by Windows. If USB drive cannot be recognized in "My Computer", you may visit "Disk Management" and format the USB there.

Pay attention:
When you format USB flash drive from RAW to FAT32, the USB drive will be erased. Therefore, the USB drive will be shown as an empty device after formatting. If files are not recovered from the USB flash drive, you had better not to write new data to the formatted USB.

USB Flash Drive Recovery Software is Available for Following Cases
1. I would appreciate any help to recover data from a USB flash drive which requires formatting on Windows XP. I inserted my 32GB USB SanDisk drive to Windows XP and transferred some videos. After transferring several files, I received a message "Cannot move file". Then I stopped the transferring and tried to access the USB drive again, but I received another message "disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now". In "Disk Management", the drive is shown as a RAW drive. God! What should I do to get back the files stored on this drive?

2. My USB flash drive is changed to RAW file system from NTFS or FAT32 with unknown reasons. The free space and used space are shown 0 byte, but I still save much data on this drive. So I want to format the USB flash drive back to FAT32 or NTFS. As long as I can access the flash drive and copy the data from it, I will appreciate very much. Can somebody give me some suggestion?

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