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Recover Data When Pen Drive Is Now a RAW File System and Says It Needs to Be Formatted

Sometimes, you may receive the similar message like "disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now" when you click your pen drive on computer. You may also find pen drive file system is showing RAW. You should not be sad because your computer can still recognize your pen drive as an external device.

What mentioned above is usually called pen drive not formatted error. You may be not familiar with not formatted error, but if you have ever received the similar message like what mentioned above, you may continue to read this tutorial. This page will show you the solution for pen drive file restore when you cannot access the data inside due to not formatted error and RAW file system.

Want to Access Data When Pen Drive Is RAW File System?
RAW file system stops you from reading any file from the pen drive, but it doesn’t mean the files are lost. If you format the pen drive, there is no doubt that you may be able to access, but you can only see an empty drive because all files are erased when you format the pen drive. Therefore, if you want to format pen drive to FAT without losing data, you need to use Pen drive recovery software to search for the files stored on the pen drive and then get them back. In this article, we will introduce several pen drive recovery software, with any of which you can restore all lost files when pen drive has a RAW file system and needs to be formatted. It supports all brands of pen drive.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/USB

recover photos video files off memory card, USB flash when RAW

How to use: memory card recovery tutorials


iCare Data Recovery Standard - powerful hard disk rescue utility

How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide


Stellar Windows Data Recovery - Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps

With any of data recovery software, you can recover data from RAW pen drive. What is more, the data recovery software also helps recover data from RAW CF card or even when CF card is not detected by digital camera.

Solution for Pen Drive RAW File System
It’s fairly difficult to prevent a pen drive from suffering RAW file system or not formatted error, because this kind of error can be caused by many reasons. Usually, a pen drive may have RAW file system when it is infected with virus, has bad sectors, or the pen drive is corrupt, etc. When you meet pen drive not formatted error or RAW file system, it is recommended you to format the drive after data recovery. If the pen drive has bad sectors, you can connect it to your computer and run Windows error-checking tool to repair the bad sectors. Finally, you can run anti-virus software to remove and delete virus from the pen drive.

Related Case on Pen Drive RAW File System
1. I have been preparing my paper recently, so I borrowed a pen drive from my brother and want to copy some data from my teacher. The problem happened this morning. When I connect the pen drive to my PC, Windows detect it as an external drive G: in "My Computer". But when I click the drive G:, Windows pops up a message that disk in drive G: is not formatted do you want to format it now. I am so confused what happened, but I cannot format it because all my data and paper documents are on this pen drive. What should I do to access the drive without formatting it?

2. I need some help with problem on my pen drive that I have tried all my best to solve. I have an 8GB SanDisk pen drive which becomes inaccessible because it says needs to be formatted. It becomes a RAW drive from FAT32. I tried to format it but Windows says cannot complete the format. I also tried to use TestDisk, but it still useless. Is there any way to recover my data stored on the pen drive or were they lost?

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