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Format RAW to FAT32 SanDisk 4GB SD Card – Recover SD Card Data Which Is RAW File System

SanDisk SD card is widely used by digital camera and cell phone users, because it is convenient for data storage. This page will show information about SanDisk 4GB SD card RAW error and give the solution to format a RAW SD card to FAT32 with its data back.

Recover Data from RAW SD Card by Recovery Software
SD card data loss due to RAW error is a heart breaking moment because you may have no idea about the causes for the error. However, you just find the SD card is shown as an unknown device on your PC and says RAW file system. Windows repeatedly show the same message: disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now.

In order to recover SD card data which is RAW file system, SD card recovery software is able to full scan the RAW SD card and search for all files stored on the card. Apart from recovering data from SanDisk SD card, the software is also helpful with data recovery from other brands of SD card. The data recovery software is also capable of retrieving files from unformatted CF card.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
4Card Recovery - recover the most files from card/USB

recover photos video files off memory card, USB flash when RAW

How to use: memory card recovery tutorials

iCare Data Recovery Standard - powerful hard disk rescue utility

How to use:
best disk recovery software for step by step guide

Stellar Windows Data Recovery - Another chance for you to recover data from raw disk

How to use: Windows data recovery steps

SD Card Needs to Be Formatted
"I think I run into a terrible problem on my SanDisk SD card. I took a picture with my Nikon camera with the SD card in, but I see a message on my camera to say my SD card is an invalid media. By inserting the SD card to my laptop, I receive another message to say my SD card needs to be formatted before I can use it. But I have stored thousands of pictures and videos on this card without backup, so I cannot format it directly. The file system of the card is RAW now, which was FAT32 before. How can I fix the SD card error without formatting the card? "
                                                                                                                                - Jack

What to Do When Windows Asks You to Format SD Card?
Windows may ask you to format SD card when it has RAW file system. At this moment, you had better not to format the card because SD card files might be overwritten after formatting. For the security of SD card data, you can run SD card recovery software to recover files before formatting the card. SD card recovery software is only useful when data is not overwritten, so you should avoid your SD card from suffering any disaster which may overwrite the data inside. In addition, you should also take good care of your SD card to protect it from being physically damaged.

Receive "Windows Cannot Complete Format" Message
"My 4GB SD card SanDisk has a RAW file system on my PC. Windows prompts me to format the card when I click the card. When click Yes to format the card, Windows tells me SD card cannot be formatted. Is my SD card broken? Do I still have chance to retrieve files stored on my SD card? "

                                                                                                                               - Michael

In order to covert SanDisk SD card from RAW to FAT32, you need to format the card. However, you may receive Windows pop-up message "Windows cannot complete format". When you receive this message, your SD card probably has one of the following problems.
Firstly, your SD card is being used by another program.
In addition, your SD card is destroyed due to some unknown reasons.
What’s more, your SD card is write-protected.
Well, an SD card may be unable to be formatted due to various reasons. Whether you can recover SD card data doesn’t depend on if you can format the card, so it is possible to recover files even if you fail to format the card.

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